Computer Science Department

           The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the government College of Engineering,Tirunelveli was formed in 1989. The Department offers B.E, M.E degrees. The Department has state of the art infrastructure and computing equipment supported by high speed Ethernet and wireless networks.The department is well equipped with excellent computing facilities, and has highly qualified faculty specialized in areas like Multimedia Communications, Wireless Networking, Image Processing, Data Mining,Software Engineering, etc.


       Our Vision is to realize a Sustainable, Excellent, Research Oriented Computer Science and Engineering Society with Ethical Values.


       Our Mission is to

  •     Prepare knowledgeable, Motivated and Highly Skilled Individuals with Leadership Qualities.
  •     Produce the High Quality Engineering Graduates with Cutting Edge Research and Innovative Technology for the benefit of society
  •     Promote Higher Education and Research
  •     Transform Attitudes, Moral Values and Infuse Positive Energy to take up Challenges of Life.


No. of teaching staff : 13
No. of non-teaching staff : 4

Dr. G.Tamil Pavai M.E.,Ph.D.,MISTE Head of the Department(i/c)

Dr. G.Tamil Pavai M.E.,Ph.d.,MISTE
Associate Professor(CAS)
Area of Specialization Texture Analysis, Medical Image Processing, Operating System
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Dr. K. Thulasimani, M.E.,Ph.D., MISTE Associate Professor(CAS)

Dr. K. Thulasimani, M.E.,Ph.D., MISTE
Associate Professor(CAS)
Area of Specialization Video Processing
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Tmt.M.Mahil M.E., Assistant Professor

Tmt. M.Mahil M.E.,
Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization Cloud Computing
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Tmt.D.Anitha M.E., Assistant Professor

Tmt.D.Anitha M.E.,
Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization Internet of Things
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Tmt.N.Jeenath Laila M.E., Assistant Professor

Tmt.N.Jeenath Laila M.E.,
Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization Web Engineering
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Tmt.E.Siva Sankari M.E., Assistant Professor

Tmt.E.Siva Sankari M.E.,
Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization Data Mining
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Tmt.G.Sona M.E., Assistant Professor

Tmt. G. Sona M.E.,
Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization Network Security
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Name of the Labs Available

  • Compiler Design Lab
  • Computer Graphics Lab
  • Computer Networks Lab
  • Operating System Lab
  • Microprocessor Lab
  • Internet Lab



  •     To prepare the students to have a productive career in industry or to successfully pursue higher Education.
  •     To provide strong foundation in principles and practices of computer science and engineering including basic sciences and mathematics.
  •     To possess good knowledge in programming, networking and system software concepts.
  •     To motivate students to inculcate professional skills and ethical values.
  •     To develop life long multidisciplinary learning to provide solutions in societal and environmental context.


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