Electrical and Electronics Engineering department was introduced during the academic year 1986-87. M.E. Power Electronics and Drives was introduced from 2002. EEE Department is having well equiped laboratries for UG/PG students. Staff members are doing Research/Guiding Research work and working with AICTE funded project MODROBS. This department is recognized by Anna University as fully fledged software and internet accessibility to cater the needs of students. The faculty members are actively engaged in research activities in the areas like Power Electronics, Power Systems and Distributed Generation Systems. Conducting National Level Conference for PG students every year since 2005.


          Our Vision is to utilize the existing infrastructure facilities to make this institution a centre of learning, eminence and excellence.


          Our Mission is to develop professionally superior and ethically strong technocrats with an ability to adopt into an intellectually and technologically challenging environment.


No. of teaching staff : 13
No. of non-teaching staff : 9

Dr.Indra Getzy David, M.E.,Ph.D.,MISTE.,M.Div., Head of the Department

Dr.Indra Getzy David, M.E.,Ph.D.,MISTE.,M.Div.,
Head of the Department
Experience 30 years
Journals Published International:03
Dr.Sujatha Balaraman, M.E., Ph.D., MISTE Assistant Professor(Sr.Gr.)

Dr.Sujatha Balaraman, M.E., Ph.D., MISTE
Assistant Professor(Sr.Gr.)
Area of Specialization Power systems engineering
Email Id
Experience 16 years
No. of seminars organized 04
No. of journals published International:06
Dr. P. Subha Karuvelam, M.E.,Ph.D., MISTE. Assistant Professor

Dr. P. Subha Karuvelam, M.E.,Ph.D., MISTE.
Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization Power electronics
Email Id
Experience 18 years
Dr. M. Gnana Sundari, M.E.,Ph.D., MISTE. Assistant Professor

Dr. M. Gnana Sundari, M.E.,Ph.D., MISTE.
Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization Power electronics and Drives
Email Id
Experience 16 years
No. of workshops attended 01
Dr. C. Ponmani, M.E., Ph.D.,MISTE., Assistant Professor

Dr. C. Ponmani, M.E., Ph.D.,MISTE.,
Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization Power electronics and Drives
Email Id
Experience 13 years
No. of journals published International:03
Tmt. J. Suganthi, M.E., MISTE. Assistant Professor

Tmt. J. Suganthi, M.E., MISTE.
Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization Power electronics
Email Id
Experience 15 years
Thiru P.Selvam M.E., MISTE Assistant Professor

Thiru P.Selvam M.E., MISTE
Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization Power system Engineering
Email Id
Experience 13 years
No. of papers published in conferences 10


No. of Students(B.E) :
II YEAR : 73
IV YEAR : 73

No. of Students(M.E) :
I YEAR : 17
II YEAR : 16


Name of the Labs Available

  • DC Machines Lab
  • AC Machines Lab
  • Electronics Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • PG Simulation Lab
  • PG Research and Development Lab
  • Control and Instrumentation Lab(Under Construction)


  • 100 Computers with Internet Facility & Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 250KVA and 110KVA Diesel-Generator set maintained and operated by this Department as an alternative power supply.
  • Purified RO drinking water supply
  • LCD Projectors for taking class


           As its inception in the year 1984 the SEEE comprising of principal as Patron, Prof. and HOD as President and all faculty members and students as members of SEEE planned certain technical activities which have been followed till now. The core values, a vision for the future and short term and long term goals include.

  • Increasing efforts to drive technology.
  • Improving value to Society Members.
  • Improving services and opportunities for young professionals.
  • Creating stronger corporate value and better services for practicing engineers.
  • The regular activities include weekly seminars, training courses on various Engineering topics and annual programs like 'Avalanche'- A National Level Technical Symposium
          It is a society objective to foster the necessary pool of Professionals required for future of the utility sector, by passing the body of knowledge amassed by the experienced but aging generation on to the new generation. This objective has already materialized in the form of the society program that is gaining momentum from year to year and is staffed by the best and most experienced trainers in their respective field of expertise. This program comprises of comprehension like Group Discussion, Mock Interviews and Seminars on latest inventions, aptitude test, quiz program,etc.