Skill And Personality Development Programme Centre

About the Skill and Personality Development Programme Centre (SPDC)

The Institution has created a Skill and Personality Development Programme Centre (SPDC) as a central facility that will conduct skill and personality development training for the SC/ST students of our Institution. The SPDC is sponsored by AICTE under the scheme AICTE Quality Improvement Scheme (AQIS) for the year 2019-2020. This scheme provides opportunity to SC/ST students in the Institute to reorient and empower themselves in the light of emerging employment opportunities at all levels.

Objectives of SPDC

SPDC Executive Members

Dr. S. Supriya
Co-ordinator, SPDC

Dr. J.Aldrin Raj
Officer in charge for maintainence of accounts, SPDC

Dr. S. Ananthakumar
Officer in charge for organizing skill training, SPDC

Dr. G.Renisha
Officer in charge for purchase activities, SPDC

Tmt.Ponnulakshmi & Thiru.Balakrishnan
Technical incharge

Focused Areas of SPDC
  • Communication skill is very much necessary to convey the ideas and exchange of information by organizing various orientation programmes
  • Problem solving skills is needed to deal with process of finding solutions to complex challenges. Problem solving skills will be improved by conducting lecture hours and online mode training
  • Teamwork is essential to develop interpersonal skills and leadership qualities in students by organizing project competitions and team activities
  • Creativity is the use of imagination and ideas to create something new. Creativity helps students to come up with newer ideas. Creativity skill will be improved by developing various conceptual models in different disciplines
  • Provide training on latest programming languages with hands on sessions
Benefits to the students from the SPDC
  • Students of SC / ST sector will have increased employment opportunities
  • Enable the youth to obtain respectable job opportunities
  • Improve productivity and knowledge of the students
  • Students will get strong academic knowledge on their discipline to compete with the industry trends
  • Obtain proficiency in English language
  • Improve communication skills, both written and verbal and focus on personality development
  • Imbibe proficiency in programming languages by developing technical skills
  • Strengthen the aptitude and problem solving skills
  • Students will be able to attend any competitive exam with high level of confidence
Expected Outcome of the SPDC
  • Students of SC / ST sector will be professionally trained and will emerge as knowledge experts in different disciplines
  • Students obtain 100% placement
  • Students can solve the technical problems
  • Students can communicate effectively and thrive well in the team based activities in their career
  • Students can excel in the quantitative aptitude and qualitative skills
  • Students develop confidence to appear in competitive examinations

Trainings Organized

Sl.No Date Training Topic Resource Person
1 18.12.2020 Self Confidence & Self-Awareness Er.S.Chandrasekar
Director, Enter Engineering Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai.
2 01.04.2021 Presentation Skills Mr. Murali Dharan R
Director - Business Operations Education Consultant & Career Coach IAPCCT certified NLP Practitioner Tirunelveli
3 02.04.2021 Telephone / Email communication (Etiquette)
4 03.04.2021 Anger / Stress Management
5 04.04.2021 Problem Solving skills (Aptitude)
6 05.04.2021 Resume writing & Interview skills
7 8.4.2021 to 10.4.2021 Grammar Rules and Letter writing (Formal & Informal)
8 11.4.2021 Email writing; Reading Comprehension
9 12.4.2021 Effective Public Speaking
10 13.4.2021 Listening and Reading Skills
11 14.4.2021 Interpersonal communication
12 07.05.2021 Fundamentals Dr. Nagaraju Baydeti,
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Nagaland, Chumukedima, Dimapur Nagaland - 797 103.
13 08.05.2021 Non-primitive Data structures
14 09.05.2021 Functions
15 10.05.2021 File Management and Basics Handling Text Files
16 11.05.2021 Comma Separated Value (CSV) File Handling
17 12.05.2021 Python – Database (DB) Connectivity and CSV File to DB Table
18 13.4.2021 DB Table to CSV File
19 14.05.2021 Basics of Data Visualization Techniques